What Is 130 Strong?

We invite you to become part of the 130 STRONG family!


Swimming 2.8 miles. Biking 101 miles. Running 26.2 miles. All within two weeks. Do you know if you’re capable of completing that amount of mileage in that amount of time? A challenge like this seems a little overwhelming to most of us, at least at first. That feeling is especially true for those of us who have attempted to get fit as a lone wolf with little to no accountability or encouragement.

Ever look at celebrities and think, “Well of course they look amazing, they have a team of trainers and nutritionists to ensure they meet their fitness goals! And they have a whole community of people around them intent on their success.” But what if you had all the nutritional and fitness resources you needed in front of you without requiring the celebrity-level paycheck to take advantage of them? That’s what 130 Strong provides. Real people just like you with a desire to get motivated and complete fitness goals that are challenging but still reasonable.

You don’t even know how strong you are yet. Whether you assemble a team of friends and family or you choose to go it alone, you’ll never actually be alone on your fitness journey with the countless others in the 130 Strong program. Plus, you’ll gain access to essential resources, such as a virtual trainer and nutritionist, our trainer hotline, not to mention a community of 130 Strong folks ready to motivate you and each other.

You’ve finally found your fitness people with 130 Strong. Discover what you’re really capable of within a safe, fun community of people just like you to help you along. This group takes a two-week challenge and stretches it into a fun-filled year-long event. It’s more of an incredibly inspiring and fulfilling lifestyle than a one-off experience. We know how to celebrate our victories, even (and especially) the small ones. With our kickoff party, run/bike/swim challenge and post-challenge party, we know how to turn physical fitness into a memorable celebration.

The 130 Strong Nation keeps growing. Beginners, experts, and those of us in between can all partake in this adventure. Take a look at the testimonials near the bottom of this page or browse our 130 Strong Facebook page to see photos and stories from our participants and you’ll see what we mean. From children to grandparents, gym rats to couch potatoes, you’ll find a bit of everything with this crowd. We relish both individuality and unity by banding together to meet personal fitness goals. We know that it takes a village, but that a village really works.

Run, bike and swim with people just like you from all across the country and break up the distances in whatever way suits you best. Everyone feels motivated with different methods and we want you to find yours. Register now to receive a discounted rate and your free swag bag with gifts.

We hope you know we’re thankful to have you in the 130 Strong family. And don’t forget to sport your merch with pride while you gather your team and start training for this event!