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130 STRONG SUMMER CHALLENGE 2022: July 1-31st

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130 STRONG KIDS EVENT 2022: July 1-31st

1 mile swim, 10 mile bike and 5 mile walk/run
All 130 hours to be completed in July
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Feel empowered, raise money for charity and get fit the fun way with this next-level challenge that’s doable for everyone. The 130 Strong summer challenge is really a year-long event when you're motivated to get involved!

Discover what it means to have a real fitness community surrounding you! We have a great Facebook group to join.

The 130 Strong Nation wants you to succeed. With our kickoff party, run/bike/swim challenge and after-party spectacle, you’ll see how we turn fitness into a celebration.

Knock out those miles on your own or divide them up within a group!

You can do it !


  • 130 Strong is AWESOME!! I got to do this with my daughter and it was an amazing bonding experience. Two years ago, we would have told somebody NO WAY if they asked us to do this, but deciding to live healthy and get fit has changed our thinking and our whole lives...We believed we could, so we did!
  • 130 Strong is my favorite summer activity! There is triumph in every mile, and the best part is being able to experience the journey with others.
  • Allyson Wood
    Couldn't join you this year with a wedding in the middle but in the past two weeks I've worked to become 130 strong! I was a bit sad to realize I'm an even slower swimmer than the slow I thought I was. But we made it
    Allyson Wood
  •  Ashlee And Ashur
    Running.. DONE. Bike.. DONE. Swimming we are saving for Lake Powell tomorrow
    Ashlee And Ashur
  • I signed up for the 130 Strong challenge thinking I'll just do my best and that it won't matter if I finish as long as I try. Well, I was wrong. I actually did finish and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but one of the most rewarding. I got through it with some good friends that helped me to not procrastinate. One of the most memorable parts for me was when I was finishing my run, I was near the end and my body was telling me to quit but I fought through it and I finished it and I have never been so proud of myself. My kids saw me fight through this and even joined in on some of the miles. They also were so proud of me and encouraged me to keep going which helped me succeed! It was hard, rough, and tough but I would accept this challenge again in a heart beat because I'm 130strong hear me roar!
    Christy Beams
  • My experience of the 130 Strong this last summer was unforgettable. It may have been tiring and hard to find the time as a business owner and young mother, but the feeling at the end was so worth it and rewarding to know that I did that for myself. I love fitness challenges. They push me to do things I would have never done by myself. It was also great having such a great support group to hold me accountable. I ran, biked and swam with several people and different times. We came together as friends, family and a community. Can't wait for 2016!!!
    DeAnna Christensen
  • DeAnna Smith Christensen
    Looking back now I wouldn't trade this week of 130 for anything
    DeAnna Smith Christensen
  • If I can do it, anyone can! The 130 Strong challenges were such life changing experiences for me. I met amazing people and made exceptional friends. I look forward to the next challenge!
  • Jilian King
    Good times for the 130 strong kidz Camille DeLoach you made it so fun for us and my girls loved it!!!! We look forward to this next year!!!!
    Jilian King
  • Where am I.....I am in a place I would imagine feels very much like hell. over four miles, in the heat, pushing a stroller with a giant, panting, slobbering dog trotting slowly behind me, whom I am constantly yelling at to move for cars. Said dog is not pictured because as I'm trying to take this super flattering picture, while blinding my baby in the sun, is licking my sweaty hand that is holding my selfie taking phone. But.....I'm so close!! Just over three miles left and my running is done. 28 more on the bike. This might kill me and my kids but I WILL finish!
    Kim Carroll
  • Kim Petersen Carroll
    They learned they can do hard things and are now both 130 strong!!
    Kim Petersen Carroll
  • Last year when I was invited to join in 130 Strong challenge, my first thought was, Me?? I am 60 years old, can I really do this?? And being me, I said sure! Of course I can! However, with such a busy life and a full time job, I realized that maybe this would be more of a challenge than I could handle. There were times I wanted to give up, but my amazing support system kept rooting me on and telling me you need to do this. I started the first mile walking uphill in the mountains with 2 of my beautiful granddaughters, ages 4 and 5. They never once complained. I needed to do this for me and for them. The last walking mile was with my daughter and their mother, what an inspiration they are to me. I was so happy to get the swimming under my belt since I hadn't been swimming in such a long time, and everyone made it so much fun. We would meet at the local pool and get it done as quickly as possible. We made it even more enjoyable by playing games in the pool as we completed the challenge. With such busy schedules many of us completed several of the miles on our own and did the others as a group when we had the chance. We would take pictures of where we were and send them to the group to see if anyone could guess where we were. My favorite miles were spent on my bike. There was a part of the challenge when I had 25 miles to go on the bike portion of the challenge and my husband and I decided to ride towards cedar city that night. I remember taking the road through Milford to get the final miles in. He dropped me off and then drove down the road to wait for me. It was getting dark and I was getting nervous since I don't like riding in the dark. Just as the sun was going down, I saw taillights flashing in the distance and I knew I could make it. I felt such a sense of accomplishment as I pulled up next to the Yukon with the sun setting in the background. It was beautiful! I had finished!!! I wasn't the fastest, the youngest, or in as good of shape as everyone else, but I was able to do it and I really look forward to doing it again. I learned a lot about myself as I put my goals in place and kept going. I know I am capable of doing so much more than I let myself think I can! The friendship, love and support of our group was amazing and each person inspired me in a very special way! Thanks to Camille for including me!
  • Leah Gravis Dickmann
    Count us in next year!
    Leah Gravis Dickmann
  • Paula Meyer Webber
    It's never to late to become 130 Strong!
    Paula Meyer Webber
  • Randie Goff Smith
    She is knocking out those miles!! With a huge smile on her face the whole time!
    Randie Goff Smith
  • The 130 Strong challenge was such an awesome experience!! I was glad to have my sister by my side to help me stay motivated as we finished the challenge together. I can't wait to do it all over again next year!
  • This was one of the funnest things I have ever done! It challenged me at my own pace and made me push myself to get it done. The funnest part was all the ladies working together to make sure everyone completed the challenge.